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Employment at Vesigo Studios

Based in Medford, Oregon, Vesigo Studios is a software development company that produces custom software solutions for various vertical markets worldwide.Vesigo primarily develops and supports commercially available software, including OnTime 360.

Vesigo Studio offers competitive salaries and benefits. Benefits include paid vacation, paid holidays, and a health care plan that includes 100% coverage of primary care. A modern, comfortable office space along with a capable, easy-going team make it a joy to come to work each day.

Unless otherwise noted, all positions are located in Medford, Oregon, USA.

All Positions Filled

All positions are currently filled. If you feel your skills may be a good fit at Vesigo Studios, please see the Other Positions Available below.


Other Positions Available

You may still submit your resume if you feel your skills would be a good fit with Vesigo. We are always on the lookout for additional talent with the following skills:

Sales Representative

Skills we are looking for: Experience in effective software sales, especially SaaS. That ability to comfortably use social media and other web based tools to promote sales.

Customer Service Representative

Skills we are looking for: Experience in telephone and email technical support for software and services. Good verbal and written communication skills. The ability to troubleshoot software issues and a solid understanding of Windows, PCs, and tablets.


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